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Looking for computer support in the Greater Zion area? Don’t worry, we can help! Lifeguard Computers is proud to offer computer sales, service, support, and repair for PCs and laptops. We serve both homes and businesses in Southern Utah and surrounding areas.


Lifeguard Computers is different from the other computer repair shops in town. When we opened our doors in 2007, we had a plan to provide an unmatched level of customer service, and we still hold true to that plan. You will notice our dedication to you from the first time you call. Computer repair is our specialty and at Lifeguard Computers, no problem is too big or too small.


We serve the following areas: Saint George, Santa Clara, Washington, Bloomington, Hurricane, Mesquite, Gunlock, Veyo, Enterprise, Utah.

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All of our services include a 100% money back guarantee. If we can't fix it, you don't pay.


Our technicians are experts in helping you understand an issue and avoiding it in the future. Whether you have a laptop or PC, Apple or Windows, we are here to provide you with the best service.


We offer free diagnostics on every brand, desktop repair, laptop repair, upgrades, virus / malware / adware / spyware removal, electronic recycling, trainings, and remote support.

We replace fans, hard drives, screens, and much more. If you have any broken hardware, Lifeguard is here to help!

We can help install or update any software that you may need. If your device is affected by malware, we can also help you remove the problem and prevent any future malware.

In order for your device to run it’s best, upgrades may be needed. Lifeguard can help you upgrade your OS, solid state drives, CPU, and memory.

Accidents happen sometimes, we get that. Lifeguard can repair your devices to help them look and feel brand new! We replace fans, screens, drives, and so much more!

Our technicians here at Lifeguard Computers are trained to help you with many things, software support included. We can help you update or install software and can help you recover data if needed. We also remove malware and can help you protect yourself in the future.

Upgrades can help your device run fast! Lifeguard can help you determine what upgrades will lengthen your device’s lifespan. We upgrade Operating Systems, RAM, solid state drives, CPU, and memory. 

About Us

Lifeguard Computers is a small-town, family owned business. Our company was founded in 2007 to give a better level of service to those in need. Our mission is to give quality computer sales and service in a timely manner, in a professional environment.

Founded in 2007
HVCC Small Business of the Year
Environmentally Minded

Reviews and Testimonials

Sharlene Pickett
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I have been a customer since they began the business. I believe 2008. They are the best. Always cheerful and helpful. Cody has provided excellent service with equipment suited to my needs. Always there for their customers. Thanks to all of them over the years Brady, Aden and Cody.
Michael O'Neill
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Cody and his crew are wonderful. They have helped me out for 6 years since we arrived here in Ivins UT. They are absolutely the best team anywhere. They have solved all my computer problems every time I went to them. They are reliable and totally honest in everything they do. I would recommend them, and have, to everyone I know. You will not find a better computer repair and sales, shop anywhere in this state. The only problem I have is the curb getting into their shop parking lot, it is the sharpest curb I have found in this city, so my suggestion is to enter their parking lot very slowly. But when you enter slowly, you will be greeted with the best and the most knowledgeable group of young men in the state.
Katie Long
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All the techs that served us were knowledgeable and professional. We have had 3 computers fixed by these guys. Good work!


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